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Good Reads…

Anthony Parinello’s Selling to VITO — The Very Important Top Officer

Harry Beckwith’s Selling the Invisible

Neil Rackham’s Major Account Sales Strategy

In my 35 years of professional experience I have never seen anyone who has the breadth of knowledge, the clear concept of completion, or the finest attention to detail that Mady Gorrell brings to her work.

— John Shackleton, Retired Public Affairs Officer, US Navy

In the Know…Marketing Q&A

1. What does AIDA stand for?
Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – a best practice formula for taking a prospect from disinterested to a sale.

2. Will a letter increase the response rate when sending out a brochure?
Yes, properly done, but not always enough to pay for itself.

3. How can I make bulk rate look “first class”?
Used metered indicia. Or print metered indicia.

4. What is a A/B split?
A/B is the instruction you give the computer to split your list into two components…A and B, every other name on a different list so you can test.

5. Can you distinguish between a feature and a benefit? And which will bring more sales or people to a program?
Feature describes something about your program or product. Benefit tells what that feature will do for you. Benefits bring sales and people to a program.

6. What response rate do you need on direct mail to be profitable?
Trick question — it’s what return you need on your marketing dollar that is important. It’s generally 3 to 1 or 4 to 1, i.e., $400 revenue from $100 marketing effort.