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CoChel Communication Strategies How We Work.

300-page Thought Leadership Anthology created by CoChel Publishing for BrassRing, Inc.

We Ask “Why Not?” More Than “Why?”
That’s Just One Way We Work With You

At CoChel we believe instinct is as important as experience and market research. We also believe every link between you and your market should evolve with a little skepticism and idealism. To sum up, we ask "why not?" more than "why?"

Everyday, clients test CoChel’s judgement, clarity of expression, attention to process, domain knowledge, tactical execution, and follow through. We never fail to make a difference. That’s because we are commited to working with clients as a team. Each of us knows what we’re good at — and, more importantly, what we’re not good at. The word “ego” does not exist in our vocabulary or corporate culture.

Propelled by enthusiasm and knowledge; bound by integrity and fun, we work with you. We weave ourselves into the fabric of your organization, audit your mission, values, philosophy and culture, talk to staff, customers, partners, analysts — all to understand — and become a part - of the forces that are molding your company and shaping its identity.

After we have facts and a view of the future, then, we go to work creatively influencing targeted potential customers and your industry infrastructure, producing results in the areas we have identified together as key to meeting your goals. We apply the best words and most appropriate communication services to specific audiences and segments of your industry. We network with key individuals, media representatives and publications to provide the best route for evangelizing your message, service, and/or product.

Guided by solid core values and business acumen, CoChel keeps a status report on every client to make sure every deliverables is on target, on schedule. Our structure is flexible; we control our own production process. And that means we have immediate response capabilities.

Almost all communication strategist and creative services professionals promise prospective clients that they will become members of the same team — one family, with the same goals and objectives. We promise the same thing. The difference is that we always follow through on that we promise.